Tarquinia Country Club

Tarquinia Country Club gets better with age like the wine, infact, The Club is experiencing an important development on its 50th anniversary. Tarquinia Country Club was founded in 1968 and it hosts an historic 9-holes- golf course in a dominant position, suspendend between hills and sea, that’s why is one of the most suggestive golf course in Italy. The Club is in a rich area in terms of culture and landscape where the community sense and the link with the territory are still very strong.

In Spring 2017 a new Club president took office; Mario Lombardi, a neophyte golfer that  decided to make the Country Club a new point of reference for  children and families which were  practically absent at that time.

Thus, the management of this historic club has started a new phase of development: a turn in family-friendly’s favor.

The first step was  setting up strategic partnerships with local institutions and organisations which was an  important commitment, because it allowed those partners in supporting Golf as an activity of this territory.

It was a fast success!! Today we have a professional school for young golfers.

The annual allocations developed specially for families helped the rise of this Club, infact families are still discovering the pleasure of this sport accessible to everyone and they experience it as a good entertainment and a group opportunity.

The Site’s safety works and its makeover (still in progress) reassure families through pruning, cleaning and renewal which are necessary making their stay more comfortable, and more pleasant for guests.

Last but not least……The support of tour operators which are members of our holding, is essential to continue the successes of this 50th anniversary, it is an essential support to gather the new development opportunities that this area offers: Golf, Culture, Food  and other events.

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